2015 Hunting Journal: Vermont Rifle Season 11.30.15

Vermont Rifle Season

Well known psychologists have long studied the correlation between increased rates of depression and the end of hunting season to determine if they are related. Why they have to study it to figure this out is beyond me because any idiot knows that they are. I bet those same psychologists don’t hunt. If they did, they wouldn’t need to study such matters.

I’m depressed. Just ask my wife.

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2015 Hunting Journal: VT Rifle Season 11.23.15

Dad's Vermont Buck 2015

Early Saturday morning while preparing to leave for the morning hunt, my digestive system and my contact lenses were locked in an epic race to see which one could claim the victory of settling down first. The only problem was that neither one realized they were in a race and both seemed content to drag the process out as long as possible.  It wasn’t the way I envisioned the morning starting. Thankfully, everything worked itself out and I left for the woods full of anticipation.

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2015 Hunting Journal: VT Rifle Season 11.19.15

Buck Grunt

After shooting a doe in New Hampshire last week I have settled back into my routine of staring at trees and drinking hot chocolate. Good Times.

Vermont’s Rifle season opened last Saturday and I spent a good part of my day wandering through the woods looking for any signs of deer activity. I discovered quite a few scrapes, though they were all a few weeks old, and a couple fresh rubs in the typical locations. I also saw some hunters. I chatted with one guy for a bit and I watched another guy drive back and forth on his four wheeler at different times during the day. Mostly he drove by during the best part of the day. I can only assume he considered himself to be “hunting,” but it’s clear his definition of the term is different than mine.

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2015 Hunting Journal: 11.5.15

The King

When I don’t have an opportunity to hunt during the week I spend my time thinking about it. Reliving the excitement of a previous hunt definitely helps pass the time until the next hunt and also leads a lack of production when you should be producing. Know what I mean?

Today, I figured it would be fun to share a series of trail camera pictures we captured on a night during the peak of the rut back in 2009. The star of the show, Mr. Big, was a regular middle-of- the-night traveler on our cameras, but he never showed his face during daylight hours.

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