4PT16.14 – Keep Believing

4PT16.14 – Keep Believing

It’s been a tough week. My wife left me and took my son with her (just for a few days), and every other hunter in Vermont has killed a deer while I impatiently wait for my turn. I’ve seen some real beauties posted on Facebook since the Saturday opener. I’ve even seen some pictures of nice bucks too!

Tonight I finished off the last of my frozen pizza while I tried to rethink my strategy for the season. The pizza was so good I had to convince myself it wasn’t delivery! Tomorrow I’ll probably buy another one. I need to do something to survive….my venison procurement this fall has been minimal. If I was living 200 years ago, I believe I’d be a vegetarian. Not by choice, mind you.

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A Letter to Vermont Deer Hunters

A Letter To Vermont Deer Hunters

Deer Vermont Hunters,

It is the most wonderful time of the year, isn’t it? This Saturday marks the day that you and I have been anticipating since the sunset at the end of last season. Opening day of rifle season is upon us!

For the majority of you, rifle season is the “big dance.” Before dawn you’ll be scurrying about gathering last minute items for a day in the woods or sitting down to a hunter’s breakfast with your hunting buddies. Maybe you are leaving work early Friday afternoon to head to camp for the season. If so, I bet the excitement of the weeks ahead is already dominating your thoughts and probably has been for some time. As hunters, this is what we wait for all year.

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4PT16.10 – First Deer of the Year and Other Exciting Stuff

4PT16.10 – First Deer Of The Year And Other Exciting Stuff

It’s true, I finally shot a deer. It wasn’t the biggest deer, but hey, it was a great time in the woods. The kill was extremely quick and clean. What more could I ask for?

I was perched in an oak tree over some very fresh sign from deer feeding on acorns. The leaves were all torn up and a fresh rub was twenty yards to my left. The weather had finally turned blustery with snowflakes striking my face as the wind carried them past me. To put it bluntly, it was awesome. So much anticipation wrapped up in one hunt.

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4PT16.8 – Thoughts on Shooting Young Deer

4PT16.8 – Thoughts On Shooting Young Deer

Other than a rather intense encounter with a bear a mere twelve feet away from Sam and I on Friday night, the weekend was pretty slow in the woods. It was Sam’s first time out “deer hunting” with me and he mentioned afterward that he’d rather not bear hunt again until next year when he’s six. I think we’ll stick to squirrel hunting for the time being.

But that’s not what I want to talk about. You know what really gets me irritated? I can’t stand it when hunters saddle up their high horse and degrade others for shooting a deer they have deemed to be too small. It’s one thing to give someone a hard time for shooting a deer that is really small, maybe even a little good hearted public shaming is called for, but anything further than that is completely unnecessary.

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