Hunting Story

Hunting With Matthew

By Richard Wixson Our morning started out in one of our spots that we usually hunt every year. Soon after entering the woods we split up as we worked out way through the trees. I was trying to jump something down to Matthew but that didn’t work and we came back together on the trail.…

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2014 NH Archery: Late Season Doe

Last Friday afternoon I was able to finish up work with just enough time to race to my stand for a last minute bow hunt in NH. It was the night before the muzzleloader opener in Vermont and I was hoping the deer were moving before the incoming nasty weather the next morning. I didn’t…

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VT Rifle 2014: Hunts 1 & 2 – Success!!

Around 10 am on opening day I met up with Dad who was sitting in his typical spot in a big open hardwoods. “Not much happening,” I said bleakly to him. As is my opening day custom, I had just covered a lot of ground in hopes of getting a feel for where the deer…

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Kaidin’s Magic

By Larry Gauthier Well, it all starts with the snow fall on Friday morning. As a hunter this made me feel like I was 15 again. I was all excited so I took off the day of work (I’m a self employed contractor) so it was pretty easy to go check out our hunting grounds…

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NH Muzzleloader: Hunt 1 – Opening Day Action

After a month and a half of chasing deer with a bow there is something exciting about heading to the woods with a gun over your shoulder. That’s precisely why I need to fix the sling on my muzzleloader. Anyway, Saturday morning was met with enthusiasm as four of us headed to our stands for…

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