Hunting Story

Hunting with Noah

Fresh off an exciting and successful hunt with Gannon the day before, I offered to take young Noah out for an evening sit on the last day of youth season since his dad, Christian, had to work. When I arrived at his house to pick him up he was already dressed and ready to go,…

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2015 Hunting Journal: NH Rifle Season 11.12.13

 “It’s just a doe,” I told my wife when I called her. The words didn’t feel right when I said them because I was happy with the doe, and I didn’t mean to diminish the accomplishment – or the doe. I won’t lie – I was hoping for a buck – but I was ready…

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2015 Hunting Journal: VT Youth Weekend 11.9.15 [VIDEO]

Finally some action! Thank goodness Gannon wanted to participate in Vermont’s Youth Deer Hunt this past weekend. Otherwise, I would have just been sitting in New Hampshire with my muzzleloader staring at trees again. Last year was Gannon’s first year of hunting, and I was able to properly introduce him to hunting in Vermont. We…

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NH Hunting Journal: Archery Update 9.16.15

September 16th marks the first time out for the year. Hot temperatures put a little bit of a damper on the hunt but I learned a few things and was reminded of a few others. My goal each time I hunt is to learn something new. It can be about the land I’m hunting, the…

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Noah’s Youth Weekend Turkey!

Noah’s TurkeyBy Christian Huebner (Noah’s Dad) The night before youth turkey season was almost sleepless for me.  I was filled with anticipation for what tomorrow’s hunt would bring.  It reminded me of the night before deer season as a kid, waiting for the morning, too excited to sleep but so over tired that it finally…

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