Local Hunter Claims to Have Had Successful Season

Local Hunter Claims To Have Had Successful Season

For immediate Release: January 11, 2017
Media Contact: tim@the4pointer.com

WINDSOR COUNTY, VT – Vermont hunter, Tim Biebel, had successful spring and fall hunting seasons in 2016 according to Tim Biebel.

“Tree sightings and encounters were through the roof this year,” he commented when pressed for information on what made his season so successful in light of his empty freezer. “You can’t get that experience out west, that’s for sure.”

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A Tree Named John

A Tree Named John

I used to think that Tom Hank’s friend, Wilson, in the movie Castaway was rather strange. Who names a volleyball? That all changed this year when I met a tree named John while hunting. Our situations were similar, Tom’s and mine. He was on a remote island surround by nothing, and I was in my deer stand surrounded by nothing. So crazy!

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4PT16.15 – Thoughts My Wife Has Had Since Rifle Season Ended

4PT16.15 – Thoughts My Wife Has Had Since Rifle Season Ended

Vermont rifle season ended yesterday and I wasn't the only one that had thoughts running through my mind. My wife did too. I was able to glean a few of the thoughts she had shortly after the season ended to share with you.  Her thoughts are italicized, semi-audible mumblings under her breath are in bold, and clearly audible statements are in all caps and bold.

“Should I hug him or give him space?”

“Why does he just stare at the wall with a blank look on his face?”

“Did he just hug his rifle?”

"He did. He just hugged his rifle. You have got to be kidding me."

“Are those tears? OMG!”

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Shoot for Age or Shoot for Points?

Shoot For Age Or Shoot For Points?

Deer Abby:

I have been reading articles on The 4 Pointer Blog for as long as it has been written but haven't read one that would help me deal with a problem I had last year.  Since the deer season will once again get underway out here in Wyoming I thought it appropriate to seek advice in case the same scenario comes up again.

First of all, I have read about how you all like to text each other because so much time goes by without seeing any deer.  That never seems to happen to me, I have deer all over me from the time I sit in my stand until it's too dark to see.  There is so much stress looking forwards, backwards, and to the side as I am hearing and seeing them in every direction constantly.  So I never have time to even locate my phone, much less use it.  No nap, no texting, not even any eating.  This is a terrible dilemma. Not sure how to handle it. But this is not the problem I was referring to, just a side issue really.

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