Should I Hunt Moose or Stay Home with New Child?

Vermont Bull Moose, Eastern Moose

“So, I noticed a charge on the credit card to Vermont Fish and Wildlife for your Moose application. When is the season again?” my wife questioned me the other day. “Oh, you know….early October,” I replied. I tried to leave, but before I could she hit me with a dose of her reality. “You do…

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If I Had My Own TV Show…

If I Had My Own TV Show... 1

I’ve often thought that, despite the hard work, hosting a hunting show would be fun. Obviously, the show would be immensely popular and leave a lasting, positive impact on viewers. It would combine the sexiness of a Mariah Carey music video to attract the shallow minded viewers, but also bring the intensity found in a…

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Shotgun Permit Application


It’s embarrassing to admit that I don’t own a shotgun. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’ve never had the desire to own one, but for some reason I’ve never purchased one. Times are changing, however, and the time has come to drop some hard-earned dough on a new scattergun. But which one? My…

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