My Favorite Hunter

Back when we were first married my wife agreed to go on an afternoon hunt with me. I was so excited! It was during the early archery season in Vermont so the temperatures were mild, close to 70 degrees if I remember correctly. I thought it was a perfect set up - she could bring a book and read in…

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Recipe for a Successful Hunt

The other day I made the statement that a recipe for a successful hunt would require two cups of skill, three cups of time and two tablespoons of dumb luck. Like most things I say, there was not a whole lot of thought put in to it. Although based on experience it was not based on pure science, but rather…

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Applying TV Hunting Terms to the New England Hunter

With the onslaught of Hunting Shows and endless hunting related info available on the World Wide Web, I have recognized that there is a void that needs to be filled in New England where the hunting conditions are a bit more difficult. The problem is that most of the shows pertain to the Midwest or West regions of the country where hunters literally get to sift through trail camera photos to choose the buck they want to hunt.  Along the way they pass up the 120” and 130” bucks, and even larger in some cases as they hold out for “The Big One”.

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