Greatest Trail Camera Pics

3 bear cubs

For many, trail camera season is in full swing, but I’ve yet to have an opportunity to set any up this year. After looking back through some pictures, it’s obviously time to buy some batteries and hang some cameras! Until then, I’ve decided to share a few of my favorites (like the three bear cubs above) from over the years.

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My Vermont Hunting Bucket List

Hunting VermontLast week I nearly died. Thanks to a case of the flu (or something like it) I came face to face with my own mortality and was forced to accept that I have not accomplished all that I want when it comes to hunting in Vermont. OK. OK. I wasn’t really that close to death, at least not from sickness, but the boredom that came with it almost killed me. I was confined to our spare bedroom and I watched endless hours of hunting shows. What else is there to watch? What I discovered is that I am a rather boring hunter. In Vermont I’ve only hunted deer; maybe it’s time to expand my horizons a bit. So, while I laid there in a feverish state I comprised a list of some things I want to accomplish in the Vermont woods before giving up the ghost.  Here they are:

1. Shoot a Bull Moose with my bow. This is by far my ultimate goal in Vermont. I believe shooting a moose with a bow here could be the most difficult to accomplish of any of my bucket list items for a couple of reasons. First, very few tags are given out, and if you have ever applied for a moose permit in Vermont before you know that a high percentage of tags seem to go to the same people each year, further reducing your odds.

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The Key Ingredient to Filling Your Tag

I’m starting to question my manhood. Taylor Swift is constantly on repeat and I’m in my PJ’s by dinner each night. I’ve resorted to shooting at miniature deer with Nerf guns and I’ve discovered that I’m a horrible shot. I’m about to go crazy. This cabin fever business is for the birds! It’s clear I have too much time on my…

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My European Mount Project

European Mount

With a decent buck on the ground early in the season I had a little extra spare time around the house to try something I’ve always wanted to do – a European Mount. The buck was nice but he wasn’t big enough to tempt me to have him mounted so I set to work researching what I needed to complete a European Mount on my own. Through research (I watched one video on YouTube) I learned that I only needed a big pot, a hot flame, some bleach crème from a salon store and some small hand tools.

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Treestand Scare


By Brandon Reed

Wednesday morning October 8th I woke just like many weekdays to get ready for work. Coffee made, dog fed, dog walked then back to have coffee and breakfast while watching the news. This past Wednesday when I turned on the TV it was still on the outdoor channel from the evening before. There was a show on called Real Life Stories/Tragedies…I think that’s the name. Basically, it’s a show about people who have near death or life changing experiences. The episode on that morning was about a man who went off on a morning of fishing. He never told his wife, or anyone, for that matter where he would be.

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