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2015 Hunting Journal: VT Youth Weekend 11.9.15 [VIDEO]

Finally some action! Thank goodness Gannon wanted to participate in Vermont’s Youth Deer Hunt this past weekend. Otherwise, I would have just been sitting in New Hampshire with my muzzleloader staring at trees again. Last year was Gannon’s first year of hunting, and I was able to properly introduce him to hunting in Vermont. We…

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2015 Hunting Journal: NH Archery Update 10.19.15

It was a frustrating day for me today. I finally had an opportunity at a deer this past weekend but came home empty handed. To say I’m baffled at the outcome would be an understatement. On Saturday morning, I pulled my climber out of the woods in Vermont with thoughts of using it in New…

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2015 Hunting Journal: VT Archery 10.5.15

Yet again, it appears that the deer are hesitant to fall prey to my hunting skills. I have yet to decide if this is a survival tactic on their part or a lack of hunting prowess on mine. I’ll let you know at the end of the season if you haven’t figured it out beforehand.…

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NH Hunting Journal: Archery Update 9.28.15

Food. There is a lot of food in the woods. I’ve hunted six evenings since opening day, and I still have yet to effectively pattern the deer. I blame most of that on the large amount of food available throughout the woods. The deer can sleep and eat wherever they want with little reason to…

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Big NH Buck [VIDEO]

It’s the time of year when pictures and videos of big bucks start flooding social media. I have yet to check trail cameras this summer, but here are a couple videos of a big boy from last year that stopped in for a visit one night. 

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