Scoutin’ in the Dark

Scoutin’ In The Dark

There was a time in my life when I swore I’d never have to dust off my golf clubs each time I used them, miss a Sunday afternoon nap, or scout for deer in the dark. And then the other day I realized I’d done all three in the past week!

Scouting for deer in the dark, you ask? Yup. I’ve done it. Not very effectively, mind you, but I’ve done it. Last Thursday I rolled out of bed nice and early to check my trail cameras before work. Unfortunately, work starts at 7, so that meant I had to check them in the dark. Ironically, that’s exactly how I set them up – in the dark under the light up my headlamp. Knee deep into a deer season this approach can work reasonably well after you’ve had a month or two to orient yourself to the local deer patterns. But it doesn’t work nearly as well fresh off a summer of NOT being in the woods at all.

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Local Hunter is a Terrible Shot

Local Hunter Is A Terrible Shot

For Immediate Release: April 7, 2017
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Windsor County, VT – Last Friday, local hunter, Tim Biebel, went 0 for 6 while squirrel hunting with his son, Sam. Biebel blames his equipment for the poor performance. Just before the hunt he had chosen to swap his trusty single shot .410 shotgun for a Gamo “Hunter Sport” pellet gun.

Some have suggested the shooter is the one to blame, but Biebel disagrees.

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Don’t Trust a Storyteller

Don’t Trust A Storyteller

Hunting stories have been told since the dawn of time. Some are told for the purpose of handing down family tradition. In a dimly lit cave, Thak used cave paintings of hunting expeditions to explain the family lineage to his son, Grog. Today, most stories are told purely for entertainment, though plenty are still told around a campfire and many of the storytellers still act like cavemen. Some constants will always remain when hunting stories are told.

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Hunting Topics You Suggested I Write About

Hunting Topics You Suggested I Write About

Stonewalled by my intellectual inabilities, I reached out to followers of The 4 Pointer on Facebook for ideas to write about. As a disincentive to participate, I offered a signed copy of a trail camera selfie of yours truly as a prize for the idea that kick started my brain. The first few comments had a serious tone or at least were topics that would require some research. As Sweet Brown would say, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” I will admit that they were fantastic ideas, and should I find the time to sit down and write at some point I have no doubt I will take up a few of the topics.

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