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VT Archery: Hunts 1,2 &3 – The One That Got Away.

Hunt 1: Opening Morning   I arrived on stand approximately 5 minutes after I parked the truck. I had decided to hunt an area close to home and was going to spend the morning doing some recon. Part of the challenge of hunting multiple states is that it really cuts into available time to scout.…

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NH Archery: Hunt 7 – Dad’s Buck

Saturday September 28, 2013 Conditions: Warm with temps in the upper 60’s. Light wind.  Around 2 pm on Sunday afternoon I met Dad on the range to help him fine tune his bow. His first three shots were all in the center bull’s-eye. “That’s great shooting, Dad” I said. “What’s the problem?”  “The problem is…

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NH Archery: Hunt 5 – First Deer of the Year

Sunday, September 22, 2013 Conditions: Damp and cool. Temp right around 60 degrees  First of all, my Wife is awesome 🙂  I left the house in a rush again and got to my hunting location around 5:15 pm. That wasn’t quite as early as I had hoped, especially since I still had to hang my…

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NH Archery: Hunt 2 – “The Snorter”

Wednesday, September 18 Conditions:  Sunny, Temps in the 60’s with a light breeze When I left the house my wife said she wanted me to think about something while I was out hunting. The trouble is, as soon as I shut the front door I completely forgot what it was I was supposed to be…

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NH Archery: Hunt 1

Conditions: 65 degrees at the start, 50 degrees at the end. Sunny with a light breeze.  The season finally arrived and I was able to get out this afternoon with Dad for an evening sit. Here is the recap-  1:50 pm: I drag my lazy rear end off the couch and gather up my gear.…

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