Vermont Bull Moose, Moose Permit Applications

In the last week I’ve had two very concerning events take place in my life, which has me a little on edge. Actually, it was three events if you count my three-year-old neighbor who, with hands raise high, demanded to know why I’d accidentally thrown a Frisbee in his yard. “I had an off night, kid. Sorry!” But the first of the two main reasons I’m on edge is that I went for a run with my wife the other day and experienced a passing feeling of enjoyment. That’s totally out of character for me. Second, and again out of character for me, was filling out my Vermont moose permit application almost a month ahead of the deadline. I usually reserve this activity for the night before. What is wrong with me?!?! ...continue reading

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Quebec Caribou

The population of Montreal is approximately 1,650,000 people, but to me this place is as desolate as the North Pole. It is devoid of greenery - concrete and asphalt are everywhere I look. Buses, cars and scantily clad Canadians clog the streets. Their see through shirts and overly tight fitting clothes make you want to shield your eyes at every turn. I don’t know why the males feel the need to dress that way here, I find it very strange.  Most appalling of all, I have yet to see anyone wearing a single piece of camouflage. Does anyone here hunt? ...continue reading

Fish Louse, Argulus foliaceus, chain Pickerel, Fish LiceA few weeks ago I wrote that I'd caught a few fish that had little critters crawling all over them. The sight of the buggers was surprising to me as I had never seen them before. If you remember,  I decided to reach out to the Inland Fisheries Division with the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department to see if they could provide any insight on my personal discovery. They didn't let me down, and their response gives me some hope I may catch a few more fish than normal this year! ...continue reading


Tom Turkey, Northeast Bowhunter,
Photo Credit: Northeast Bowhunter

I didn’t get out as much as wanted to, but I was able to hunt enough times to know that I’ll be back. It was a lot of fun. As a newbie to the sport, I learned a few tips I’ll carry with me into next season if I can remember them by then – eleven months is a long time to remember something.

I was hoping to get out in the late season but for a number of excuses reasons I wasn’t able to. First, against my better judgment, I let myself down by allowing my work responsibilities to take precedence over hunting. That better not happen during deer season or I’ll be very upset, and I hate being upset. ...continue reading

Woodchuck, Vermont, Grilled Woodchuck

This woodchuck had tormented me for weeks. Ever since I received the text that said a woodchuck had been spotted at the office, I’ve amounted to next to nothing. His stomping grounds were within sight of the window next to the printer, and I made an above average number of trips to it to see if I could catch Woody out basking in the sunlight. He was a wary critter – the type that make the hunt challenging and drives a guy insanely unproductive. Twice before he had avoided certain death, but not this time. Not this time. ...continue reading