Woodchuck, Vermont, Grilled Woodchuck

This woodchuck had tormented me for weeks. Ever since I received the text that said a woodchuck had been spotted at the office, I’ve amounted to next to nothing. His stomping grounds were within sight of the window next to the printer, and I made an above average number of trips to it to see if I could catch Woody out basking in the sunlight. He was a wary critter – the type that make the hunt challenging and drives a guy insanely unproductive. Twice before he had avoided certain death, but not this time. Not this time. ...continue reading

Pickerel Fish LiceI hate yard work with a passion. That’s not entirely true, I don’t mind yard work when I feel like I am accomplishing something, but that’s not the case with my yard. It’s a disaster. I can't get anything to grow like it should. I was out on my hands and knees working away one night this past weekend when my German shepherd, Rayna, circled upwind of me and dropped a potent reminder as to why my lawn is in terrible shape. If I hadn’t already been on my knees when she performed the dirty deed I surely would have ended up there. She’s a good girl, just not very lady like sometimes. It’s disgusting enough to make a man want to give up and go fishing. So that’s what I did! ...continue reading

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Tom Turkey, Vermont

The story of my second turkey hunt begins right where you would expect – at the beginning. All week I’d looked forward to redeeming myself after my opening day disaster. The only problem was that I’d be hunting alone for the first time, and I still lacked some essential equipment (and skills) to maximize my chances at harvesting a turkey. I knew I needed some more gear, and my research had led me to believe that a locator call, such as an owl hoot or crow call, was pivotal to locating birds in the morning. ...continue reading


Vermont Turkey Hunt

Like most people, I don’t enjoy looking like an idiot, but I possess an unshakeable talent for it that is deeply embedded in my genetic makeup.  Such was the case of my first ever spring turkey hunt on Sunday morning in Vermont. 

Toward the end of the morning hunt, Christian and I found ourselves lying in the grass on a field edge, pinned down from the eyes of the wary gobbler, Tom. ...continue reading

Turkey Decoy, Turkey HuntingI tell ya, it seems that every time I buy or borrow a piece of gear for my first turkey hunt someone brings up something else I need! I guess now I need a facemask because the sight of my face will be scary to a flock of turkeys. It’s not the first time I’ve been told my face is scary, but it will be the first time I spend money to alleviate the issue. Darn birds. They’re expensive! They’ll be a lot of value in every bite should I be fortunate enough to take down a bird. ...continue reading