FawnFawns. They taste good, but I generally try to avoid shooting them. The emotional toll it puts on a hunter is almost too much to bear this day and age. Not only will your buddies give you a hard time, but you’ll be just about crucified on the internet.

On the other hand, the harvest of fawns can provide some useful data on the health of the deer herd. Just ask someone who knows what they are talking about if you disagree. Today, I plan to use some of that data to reveal an interesting pattern that might help predict the harvest for future hunting seasons. Once I’m done explaining everything I didn’t know, you’ll likely file this information in your own “Everything I didn’t need to know” category. ...continue reading

It's only slow food until you eat itOn Christmas day I unwrapped a book given to me by my wife. She is aware of a few writers I particularly enjoy, such as Pat McManus, the Apostle Paul, and Dr. Suess, so every now and then I receive a book for a gift that has more than just pictures. Somewhere in my list of favorite writers fits Bill Heavey, editor at large for Field and Stream. For years now (I’m too lazy to figure out how many), Heavey’s column has graced the last page of Field and Stream and is the first page I flip too each time a new issue shows up in the mailbox. He has a unique writing style that blends humor and sarcasm while coming across deeply personal at times. I like it. ...continue reading

NoahFresh off an exciting and successful hunt with Gannon the day before, I offered to take young Noah out for an evening sit on the last day of youth season since his dad, Christian, had to work. When I arrived at his house to pick him up he was already dressed and ready to go, his rifle over his right shoulder and two hot seats in his left hand. “One is for you,” he said smiling as he climbed into the truck. I thanked him and as I shut the truck door I heard him reply, “No problem, Bro.” ...continue reading


Tim Vt Buck 2006. Rifle. 6 pts 182 lbs

Ah yes, the never ending antler restriction debate is heating up now that deer season is over and will only get hotter as the winter months move along. Hunters in Vermont are divided on the level of restrictions necessary though the majority of hunters have a favorable view of the current restriction on spike horns that has been in effect since 2005. ...continue reading