WoodchuckThat’s it! I can’t take it anymore! I’ve been staring longingly into the woods because I have not had a chance to experience it firsthand for months. I haven’t even made it to the golf course yet! This is getting ridiculous. However, I was able to draw a bead on a springtime woodchuck last weekend after belly crawling around the pool and through my mother’s immaculately kept flower beds. I slipped the barrel of that Stevens .22 through a hole in the fence and waited for him offer me a clean shot as he basked in the evening sunlight. He was heavily guarded by thick blades of grass and was unaware of my presence. ...continue reading

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Brandon Reed Turkey

By Brandon Reed

Where to begin?  It’s going to be hard to put to words the excitement of the 2015 youth turkey weekend hunts for the ReedRanch but here goes.

I had spent the better part of the week prior to the opener of youth weekend doing as many do - getting out scouting for turkeys that we might try and hunt come opening morning. My goal was to find several birds in close proximity to each other to target right away. The reason being is I was fortunate enough to have two good friends, Bryan and Rob, offer to help me by taking out any of my kids. I was hoping to keep us all close so after the first hunt of the morning we could get together and share the stories and then brainstorm on our next move.

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Noah's Turkey

Noah's Turkey
By Christian Huebner (Noah's Dad)

The night before youth turkey season was almost sleepless for me.  I was filled with anticipation for what tomorrow's hunt would bring.  It reminded me of the night before deer season as a kid, waiting for the morning, too excited to sleep but so over tired that it finally overtook me. I get more excited to see my kids on a hunt than I do to hunt myself.   This year would be my son’s second youth turkey hunt and we had a good spot picked out.  I closed my eyes and the alarm went off...    ...continue reading

After months of studying the numbers I’ve finally decided to write about my conclusions of what would happen if a 3 point per side antler restriction (AR) was implemented in Vermont. My wife is tired of me always sitting with my notebook full of notes and a calculator while we watch TV and talking about it in my sleep. She cares not what percentage of the buck population actually carries 3 or more points on a side no matter how many times I tell her.

Keep in mind that these are my own opinions and are not affiliated with anyone else or any organization. The reality is that determining the number of legal bucks under a new regulation, such as higher antler restrictions, is complicated and there are a ton a variables such as winter severity, predation, poaching, disease, hunter wounded deer, etc. that can widely affect the outcome of my study. However, I’m dumb enough to give it a shot, so here it goes…you can decided for yourself if my overview is worth anything. 

Ultimately, I wanted to understand a couple of things:

  1. If a 3 pt AR had been implemented in 2014 what would the harvest have looked like?
  2. How long would it take to restore current harvest levels? More importantly, could they be restored?

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Cora's Cross“Do you ever think?”

My wife asks me that question quite often, so much so that I’m beginning to wonder why she asks me so much. That may qualify as thinking but I’m not sure. The truth is, I do think about things but usually for only five minutes at a time, unless of course it’s about something that’s not important. For instance, the other day I had a conversation with I guy I hadn’t seen in a while. I asked him how he’d been and he proceeded to inform me that he’d been sick.

“Probably just the thing that’s been going around.” He said.

That made me think…why don’t good things go around? Have you ever heard someone say that after shooting a big buck?

“Shot this big 8 point this morning. 8 points have been going around lately.” ...continue reading