Dad's Vermont Buck 2015

Early Saturday morning while preparing to leave for the morning hunt, my digestive system and my contact lenses were locked in an epic race to see which one could claim the victory of settling down first. The only problem was that neither one realized they were in a race and both seemed content to drag the process out as long as possible.  It wasn’t the way I envisioned the morning starting. Thankfully, everything worked itself out and I left for the woods full of anticipation. ...continue reading

Buck Grunt

After shooting a doe in New Hampshire last week I have settled back into my routine of staring at trees and drinking hot chocolate. Good Times.

Vermont’s Rifle season opened last Saturday and I spent a good part of my day wandering through the woods looking for any signs of deer activity. I discovered quite a few scrapes, though they were all a few weeks old, and a couple fresh rubs in the typical locations. I also saw some hunters. I chatted with one guy for a bit and I watched another guy drive back and forth on his four wheeler at different times during the day. Mostly he drove by during the best part of the day. I can only assume he considered himself to be “hunting,” but it’s clear his definition of the term is different than mine. ...continue reading

6 Point Buck

“That biologist is a retard!!!!”

That’s just one of the many negative comments directed at biologists that I read over the weekend. These days everyone seems to be an expert at aging deer. After watching a couple of YouTube videos and reading a few articles, the Keyboard Commandos are quick to show off their own perceived intelligence when it comes to the subject.

Listen, I am well aware that there are many hunters who know deer very well and are reasonably proficient at judging the age of a deer, but I’d be willing to bet that the majority of hunters and “experts” are not. ...continue reading

New Hampshire Doe 2015

 “It’s just a doe,” I told my wife when I called her. The words didn’t feel right when I said them because I was happy with the doe, and I didn’t mean to diminish the accomplishment – or the doe. I won’t lie – I was hoping for a buck – but I was ready to shoot a doe. That’s what I did.

There are a couple of reasons I was willing to shoot a buck or a doe. First, I’ve hardly seen a deer this year and with Vermont Rifle Season right around the corner I wanted to make sure I put some venison in the freezer. Second, my wife really wanted venison. ...continue reading


Finally some action! Thank goodness Gannon wanted to participate in Vermont’s Youth Deer Hunt this past weekend. Otherwise, I would have just been sitting in New Hampshire with my muzzleloader staring at trees again.

Last year was Gannon’s first year of hunting, and I was able to properly introduce him to hunting in Vermont. We didn’t see a thing, we got cold, and we went home empty handed. Despite that fun introduction, Gannon wanted to give it another try this year. ...continue reading